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Our berries

Our Farm has 9 varieties of highbush blueberry bushes and, while the plants are self-fertile, they benefit hugely from cross-pollination which increases the size of the berries, as well as the yield and the speed of ripening (which in turn influences their taste).

Our plants cover early, middle and late season varieties and we can supply them mixed in a punnet to give a range of sweetness or tartness, or as a single variety if the size and taste need to be completely consistent.

Our Farm has the following blueberry varieties:

Bluetta – a very early season soft berry of medium size and mild flavour.  Although a smaller plant, they are still regarded as a highbush variety with a wide spread.

Bluecrop – ripening in mid-season, these large berries have a dark colour and aromatic taste.

Chandler – without doubt, the biggest of all the berries.  Large, sweet and juicy, they arrive late in the season and make a great compliment to Elliotts.

Darrow – very large fruit arrives late in September with a firmness, tartness and quality that is ideal in puddings and cakes.

Duke – a highly prized variety that ripens early and produces a large, sweet fruit of a dark colour.

Elliott – very late arrivals, especially after a cool summer but meaning we can enjoy them that little bit later and possibly even in to October.  A medium-sized fruit with a mild flavour, they are known as being ‘good for puds’!

Pink Lemonade – the name speaks for itself!  Vaccinium Pink Lemonade blueberries are in fact pink!  They are super sweet, arrive mi-late in the season and are newly introduced to the UK.  Indeed we believe we will be the first supplier in Devon!

Spartan – a very large fruit arriving early in the season.  Although the canopy has larger leaves, a tall bush means the height aids sunlight penetration resulting in a sapphire blue berry.