Devon Blueberry Company

The Devon Blueberry Company is a family owned farm offering great tasting and healthy blueberries grown in an environmentally friendly way.

Blueberries are good for you


Blueberries are sweet, nutritious and wildly popular.

Rich in antioxidants, e.g. vitamin C which is good for fighting diseases, keeping skin healthy and boosting the immune system. The flavonoids strengthen blood capillaries and improve circulation.

Often labelled a “superfood,” they are low in calories and incredibly good for you.

Blueberries work with smoothies, on cereals, in pancakes, cakes, ice cream or simply on their own.  They even work in Champagne! See our blueberry recipes for great ideas to take your blueberries further!


Blueberries are not just for snacking

Often labelled a “superfood,” they are low in calories and incredibly good for you.

They are so tasty and convenient that many people consider them to be their favourite fruit.

There are lots of health benefits of blueberries that are supported by research.

Our blueberry farm

Our Blueberry field has about 1800 plants at varying stages of maturity with the tallest up to 6 feet high.

Now with 11 varieties of plants, ranging from early to late fruit, the blueberries on our farm offer subtle differences in sweetness depending on the type. We are looking forward to a bumper crop this year!

Berries and bees

Blueberries and bees make perfect companions, working together to create a perfect natural environment for our superfood.

At the Devon Blueberry Farm, we have two honey bee hives in our blueberry field filled with busy natural pollinators who also provide some lovely Devonshire honey!

Sustainable growing


Blueberries are hardy plants which lay dormant throughout the winter months and are very slow-growing, often taking up to a decade (or longer) to reach maturity, living eventually for 30-40 years.

They also need a lot of water in the growing season.  We could simply turn the taps on from our home but that would mean chemically-treated water in significant quantities which isn’t ideal.

To solve this problem we have a sustainable solution consisting of a well in the garden to help irrigate the berries when it is dry.